Laser Hygiene Services
In-Office Training Services

Option #1 - $400
Refresher Course on diode laser use    
In-Office Refresher course – This course focuses on diode laser use and basic, clinical application for the Dental Hygienist including simulated use of a laser. The clinical applications that apply are laser bacterial reduction, removal of granulated/necrotic tissue in the pocket, teeth whitening, tooth desensitizing and apthous ulcer/ herpetic legion treatment .This course also includes the fundamentals of laser use, safety hazards, and cleaning of the laser unit.
3 hours of Continuing Education Credits and Laser Certification
* Please note this is a pre-requisite course for a Hygienist or Dentist already pre-certified.  Participants successfully completing the day and passing the exam will receive 3 CE credits and certificate in recertification on lasers.
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Option #2 - Individual (local only) or Small Group Training - $495 per person (3 People minimum) + Travel Fees
Laser Certification   
Consists of everything in Option #1 along with Advanced Laser Use for Periodontal/Soft Tissue Application. Clients must provide meeting space for training and reimburse travel expenses.
This is an advanced laser course focusing on Periodontal and Soft Tissue treatment as an adjunct to scaling and root planing. The course will implement why, how and when to do laser therapy, and protocols to laser program. The course will also offer hands on training in your office.
6 hours of Continuing Education Credits and Periodontal Laser Certification
* Please note- This course is for Hygienists and Dentists only.  Participants successfully completing the day and passing the exam will receive 6 CE credits and a proficiency in laser certificate.
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Option #3 - $2,000  (1 to 3 Staff Members maximum)
 All Inclusive Advanced Laser Diode Training
A Complete Laser Day - This package will consist of Option #1  and Option #2 along with the Revenue Aspect of laser use.
Option #3 includes all consent forms, a treatment configuration form for scheduling the patients, pricing for laser treatment, all laser use codes, treatment planning program and guidelines for recare appointments. Recommendations of what to say for success of patient acceptance to laser therapy treatment and laser bacterial reduction will be given. Presenting treatment and cost to patients will be created and customized accordingly for your office. Our clients on average have seen an increased hygiene revenue ranging from 25%-50% in their offices.
At any time, additional help is available for a monthly fee. This will include unlimited phone or email consultation with a total of 4 hours of in office time to be used at your discretion.
8 hours of Continuing Education Credits and Periodontal Laser Certification
* Please note- This course is being done in an office setting for consulting. If you are not already laser certified, a simulated and written test can be completed in the office after the lecture.  Each states licensee guidelines with be followed for this.  Participants successfully completing the day and passing the exam and simulated test will receive 8 CE credits (for Hygienists and Doctors only) and an advanced laser training certificate.
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Online Training Courses
These online Courses will offer our clients the ability to become laser diode certified without person to person or in-office consultation.
COURSE #1 - $110.00 -
Laser Refresher Course - 3 CE Credits
This course is for people who have already been laser certified, are looking to update their skill set or renew their certification. 
COURSE #2 - $245.00
Introduction to Laser with Certification - 6 CE Credits
This Course provides candidates with a basic understanding of laser physics, tissue interaction, characteristics of individual wavelengths, safety and regulatory issues, as well as an overview of clinical uses.
1- History of lasers in dentistry
2- Basic laser physics & components, including wavelength characteristics of  all dental laser wavelengths
2- Laser Safety and regulatory issues
3- Overview of lasers & their interaction with Tissue and other Substances
4- Procedural use of the Lasers & Clinical capabilities
5- RDH procedures and treatment parameters
6- Codes and Fees
COURSE #3 - $625.00
Advanced Laser Training for Periodontal Disease - 8 CE Credits
1- Soft Tissue Management with the Application of Lasers
2- Guided Tissue Regeneration(GTR)
3- Management of patient expectations and treatment options
4- Patient acceptance and communication skills
5- Laser Production and Revenue
*Course includes Patient information and consent forms

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Productive Laser Hygiene & Consulting courses are designed for dentists and dental hygienists at all levels of expertise. Information shared in our courses is developed from clinical research and includes the most current information available from evidence-based dentistry. Completing a single continuing education course does not provide sufficient information to result in the participant being an expert in the field related to the course topic. It is a combination of many educational courses and clinical experience that allows the participant to develop skills and expertise.
Productive Laser Hygiene & Consulting assumes no liability and is not in a position to render judgment as to whether clinicians that have taken our courses are or are not approved by their state board for laser use. It is our understanding that the states of Arizona, Nevada, Tennessee, Wisconsin and Wyoming do NOT accept online courses for their laser training requirements, in those states a LIVE course including hands on training is required.
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