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Certification Seminars

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Certification & Refresher courses followed by In-Office Laser Training

Productive Laser Hygiene and Consulting
Many existing companies offer certification classes without any In-Office person to person laser training. Providing certification without "hands-on training" is akin to certifying a person to fly a plane or drive a car even if they have never flown a plane or driven a car. It just doesn't make sense!
Certification & In-Office Laser Hygeine Training
Therefore, these 2 critical steps, are an absolute must in order to guarantee that each hygienist will provide optimal care for each patient.
Full Service Training programs
Based on these industry facts, our company was developed to not only certify our clients, but to help each client thoroughly understand the clinical and financial aspects of incorporating the diode laser into their practice. Clients will also receive continuing education credits.
Optimize Revenues & Standard of Care
When our Certification and In-Office Training process is complete, we will have instilled the confidence necessary for each hygienist to know that they are now qualified to provide each patient with the best standard of care while at the same time increasing revenues for their employer.
Untapped Market: The Laser Diode
Cindy Basile, (RDH, AAS, Adv. Laser Certified) began using the diode laser in 2006 as a clinician, while working at a maternity leave office. This practice had a periodontal soft tissue program that implemented the use of diode lasers. Over the past decade, Cindy has expanded her considerable knowledge of diode lasers through additional classes, training and day to day in-office use.
Due to her expertise, Cindy has been asked to implement laser hygiene programs using diode laser applications into each of her previous and current offices; dating all the way back to 2005.
Time and time again, Cindy found that a great many of the hygienists she met or worked with did not fully understand the clinical application of the diode laser for the patient or how to incorporate its use into their office. Many hygienists stated that they didn’t feel comfortable using the diode laser for clinical applications nor did they understand how their patients might benefit from these treatments.
This lack of industry knowledge about the benefits of laser hygiene use inspired her to create her own consulting company. Cindy is approved by the California Dental Board to certify and train hygienists and provide additional training services to dental offices. She has developed a very high standard of care for patients using the diode laser applications which has provided strong financial benefits to each practice she has assisted.
Based on her hands on experience and her proven ability to assist in generating a new revenue stream for each practice she has worked for, Cindy understands that there is a largely untapped market in the laser hygiene industry and is eager to share her knowledge and expertise with hygienists and dentists nationwide.

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Productive Laser Hygiene & Consulting courses are designed for dentists and dental hygienists at all levels of expertise. Information shared in our courses is developed from clinical research and includes the most current information available from evidence-based dentistry. Completing a single continuing education course does not provide sufficient information to result in the participant being an expert in the field related to the course topic. It is a combination of many educational courses and clinical experience that allows the participant to develop skills and expertise.
Productive Laser Hygiene & Consulting assumes no liability and is not in a position to render judgment as to whether clinicians that have taken our courses are or are not approved by their state board for laser use. It is our understanding that the states of Arizona, Nevada, Tennessee, Wisconsin and Wyoming do NOT accept online courses for their laser training requirements, in those states a LIVE course including hands on training is required.
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