Curriculum Vitae
Lindsey , RDH - “Finally, a course that simplifies laser therapy and gives me step-by-step procedures.  Cindy made things simple for me and made me understand the fundamentals of laser therapy!” 
Danielle RDH -  “ I had been laser certified for 4 months but afraid to use the diode on a patient.  Cindy gave me the hands on  training   and instilled the confidence I needed to  use the laser on a patient. Thank you , Cindy!”
Dentist in San Diego -“ I have referred a couple of my part time hygienists to Cindy for certification because not only can she certify them, but also showed my practice how to incorporate the diode laser to give my patients great, non-invasive care while increasing my revenue! ”
Cindy Basile RDH, AAS, Laser Certified
College Education:
1990 Onondaga Community College, Syracuse, NY‐ Associate in Science Degree, Dental Hygiene Degree
1995 Pasadena College‐ Expanded Functions for Nitrous Oxide, Local Anesthesia, and Soft Tissue Management
Professional License & Certification:
1990 National Board Dental Hygiene Certification, North East Regional Board Certification
1995 California State License
2006 Certificate of Laser Proficiency for Hygienists through Lumenis
2006 Advanced Laser Training –Advanced Laser Hands On
2012 Picasso 810 nm Diode Laser Certification Program through ICLE
2012 Updated Advanced Laser Training Certificate – Perio Laser Institute
2012 Dental Board of California Approval for Continuing Education Registered Provider
 Course – Hygienist Application for diode, Office Production, patient acceptance
2013 World Class Laser Institute(WCLI) Certification
Professional Membership
Present ‐ ADHA
Other Certificates:
1995 Outstanding contributions as a Distinguished Lecturer in continuing education program in Preventive Dentistry for Dental Technicians.
I have been practicing as a Registered Dental Hygienist for 22 years. I began using the diode laser in 2006 as a clinician. In 2006, I worked a maternity leave office that had a periodontal soft tissue program implemented with laser. I have since then incorporated this and my own knowledge through other classes and experience to build a laser practice into all my previous and current offices since 1996. I believe in giving the highest standard of care to patients while also increasing production for the offices. I see a great value in using the laser and want to share my knowledge and experience with hygienists and other offices to help them understand and benefit from my experiences. When talking to other hygienists, I found a great many of the hygienists didn’t fully understand the clinical application of the diode laser for the patient or how to incorporate into the office. These particular hygienists stated they didn’t feel comfortable doing clinical applications or corresponding to the patients about benefits and use. This inspired me to create my own consulting company and get my lecture approved by the California Dental Board to help them in these aspects.

Santee, CA
Phone: 619 869-9778

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Productive Laser Hygiene & Consulting courses are designed for dentists and dental hygienists at all levels of expertise. Information shared in our courses is developed from clinical research and includes the most current information available from evidence-based dentistry. Completing a single continuing education course does not provide sufficient information to result in the participant being an expert in the field related to the course topic. It is a combination of many educational courses and clinical experience that allows the participant to develop skills and expertise.
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