Refund - Cancellation Policy

Any dental professional who is not 100% satisfied with our courses can request a full refund by contacting Productive Laser Hygiene & Consulting in writing, via email or fax.


Productive Laser Hygiene & Consulting’s cancellation policy, in the event that client cancels our scheduled appointment:


* A $250 nonrefundable fee will apply


Productive Laser Hygiene & Consulting reserves the right to cancel appointments. Each registrant will be notified via email, followed by a full refund.


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Productive Laser Hygiene & Consulting courses are designed for dentists and dental hygienists at all levels of expertise. Information shared in our courses is developed from clinical research and includes the most current information available from evidence-based dentistry. Completing a single continuing education course does not provide sufficient information to result in the participant being an expert in the field related to the course topic. It is a combination of many educational courses and clinical experience that allows the participant to develop skills and expertise.
Productive Laser Hygiene & Consulting assumes no liability and is not in a position to render judgment as to whether clinicians that have taken our courses are or are not approved by their state board for laser use. It is our understanding that the states of Arizona, Nevada, Tennessee, Wisconsin and Wyoming do NOT accept online courses for their laser training requirements, in those states a LIVE course including hands on training is required.
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